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• Home businesses
• Single person offices
• Multi-person offices


• Nurse’s Stations
• Patient Rooms
• Exam Rooms
• Labs
• Long Term Care
• Assisted Living
• Pharmacy
• Administration
• Emergency
• Reception/Waiting Area


• Classrooms
• Cafeterias
• Libraries
• Lounges
• Private Offices


• Open Offices
• Private Offices
• Reception
• Waiting Areas
• Conference Rooms
• Mail Rooms
• Work Rooms


• GSA Contracts available

Interior Design

At InterOffice, we offer a wide range of services that allow us to assist you on a project from the initial planning stages through the service work after the project is complete and anywhere inbetween.
We can help you with the following:
• Paint Selection
• Flooring Selection
• Laminate/Millwork Selection
• Window Coverings
• Wallcovering
We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients during this process.

Lets Get Started

With our tightly-knit communication style and clear process we make sure nothing gets missed and work together toward your design success. Let us handle it all.